C-GRID – The Parallel Automation Tool


C-GRID is a tool that is capable of running automation jobs in parallel across multiple machines (EC2 / Local Desktops) providing real time updates and comprehensive run reports.


Components –

C-GRID is made up of 3 major components –

Beanstalk queue

Functionality Breakup 


This module plays an important part in the C-GRID setup. The controller is responsible for handling the whole […]

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Log Collection and Query Framework

This post introduces the log management framework at Capillary which helps in application/system logs collection, aggregation, alerting and reporting. At Capillary, about 1 billion log events get generated every day from about 35 different types of services and components. An efficient way to process and access these logs is a key tool for operational excellence. […]

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MySQL as a Queue and anti-patterns: Case-study of a Bulk Messaging System – Part 1

You know those SMSs/e-mails you get from your favourite brands at which you have shopped? The ones that let you know about some exclusive deals and amazing offers that have been hand-picked or customized for you? Well, in Capillary, the technology behind the scenes is our Bulk Messaging System which enables the brands, i.e. our […]

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MySQL query normalization using a Hive UDF

Capillary’s cloud platform has a Service Oriented Architecture and MySQL is our primary data store. Each service is dependent on one or multiple instances of MySQL and the latency of each service is heavily dependent on the performance of the SQL queries. On average 200 million SQL queries are fired each day by the core […]

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