We all know that there is a huge disparity in the number of women in technology compared to men, but did you know that the number of women choosing computer science for their undergraduate degree is dipping steadily as well? Yep! You read it right. Take a closer look at the graph below:

Source: http://apps.npr.org/dailygraphics/graphics/women-cs/child.html?initialWidth=767&childId=responsive-embed-women-cs


Data shows that in 1985, we had 37% of women earning undergraduate degree in Computer Science, whereas, we now only have 18% of women doing so.  Although, these numbers probably are from American Education System, scenario is not very different in other parts of the world. This alarming fall calls for remedial actions which would inspire more women to play an active role in technology.

Capillary is delighted to take a step forward towards this endeavor. In celebration of all women in Tech, we are proud to have been associated with the ‘Women only #Hackathon’ organized by #Hackerearth to commemorate the International Women Day, 2015. #IWD2015

“Capillary heartily congratulates nearly 8000 women who participated in the hackathon. We hope you inspire more women to be part of the Tech world.”

Extending the “Women in Tech” theme, we asked women technologists at Capillary on why they love coding and technology. Here’s what they had to say 🙂







Jessy, a post-graduate from DA-IICT, has been with Capillary for more than 3 years. She is part of our Omni-channel team and loves “web-craft”.















A PESIT graduate and a 4-year veteran at Capillary, Ancy is currently working with the Analytics team.















Varsha, a PESIT graduate and the only woman engineer of the Platform team, has been with Capillary for the last 3 years.














Shilpa, a PESIT graduate, has been with Capillary for almost 3 years and is working with the Loyalty team.













Sahana Reddy, a UMASS graduate, joined us recently and is part of the Apps team.