MySQL query normalization using a Hive UDF

Capillary’s cloud platform has a Service Oriented Architecture and MySQL is our primary data store. Each service is dependent on one or multiple instances of MySQL and the latency of each service is heavily dependent on the performance of the SQL queries. On average 200 million SQL queries are fired each day by the core […]

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Cross-platform deployment, a step forward.

Large scale deployments of desktop applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome has always been a major challenge to tackle, especially when we need a controlled environment to provide selective upgrades and downgrades. At Capillary we deploy two major desktop applications on client Point Of Sale (POS) machines,  called InStore and StoreCenter. These applications form the front […]

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Sharingan – A Modern JS Framework for Plug ‘n Play Widgets (Part 1)

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At Capillary, one of our main focus is providing a “omni-channel” engagement to our customers. Imagine yourself walking in Puma showroom, signing up with our loyalty program at the billing counter, and returning home to find an exclusive loyalty dashboard. Next time, should you decide not to go all the way […]

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Presenting “Under the Cap”: Capillary’s Technology blog!

Capillary Technologies is the leading provider of Customer Engagement solutions to 150 customers in over 7 countries. Its been six years since Capillary started up from the proverbial garage with an engineeering team of 3 people. The team has grown manifold, and currently employs over 70 engineers across dev, quality assurance and dev ops. Our […]

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